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How To Remove YouTube Ads For Free | Ultimate Guide

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In this article we're going to tell you about how to use YouTube without ads for free. This method is 100% Working and 100% secure to use. This method is only for android users.

Ads on YouTube is one of the irritating experience, all of you know that. Only way to remove Ads in YouTube app is buy YouTube premium.

Instead of buying YouTube premium you can use YouTube mod called YouTube Vanced to enjoy ad free experience. This method is 100% Secure and 100% Working in all android devices.

About YouTube Vanced:

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is the stock Android YouTube app, but better! Includes adblocking, true amoled dark mode and a lot more. Use the handy Vanced Manager to install YouTube Vanced with ease.

Step 1: Download The Vanced Manager

Vanced Manager download

First you need to download Vanced Manager by clicking the link below to install YouTube Vanced and MicroG app. Vanced Manager's size is only 4.54 MB.


Step 2: Install Vanced Manager

Installing Vanced Manager

After downloading completed, install the Vanced Manager APK.

Step 3: Turn Off MIUI optimization ( only for MIUI users )

If you are not a Redmi, Poco or Mi user skip this step. If you are a Redmi, Poco or Mi user, After installing the Vanced Manager, Before you open it you need to turn off the MIUI optimization first ( Turn on after installing the YouTube Vanced ). We tell you about how to turn off MIUI optimization below,

  • Go to Settings > About phone
  • Tap the MIUI version few times continuously until you the message "you are a developer now".
  • Now go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options and disable MIUI Optimization.
About Phone

Step 4: Install the MicroG and YouTube Vanced

Installing MicroG

After installing completed open the Vanced Manager app.

First Install the MicroG then install the YouTube Vanced app. You must have MicroG for login in to your account, But you can use YouTube Vanced without Login.

Step 5: Open the YouTube Vanced Then login your account

After installing completed now open the YouTube Vanced app then login your gmail account then enjoy ad free YouTube experience.

Note: If MicroG app notification about battery optimization shows contionusely on control pannel, turn of MicroG notification by long pressing that notification.

For MIUI users:

  • After installation completed turn on the MIUI optimization.
  • If you face the problem like In WhatsApp, Contacts name doesn't shown. Tap the contact icon on WhatsApp then allow the contact permission to fix this.
Whatsapp Contacts Fix

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