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Download PUBG Mobile in India After Ban | Ultimate Guide

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Here's Ultimate Guide to Download and Play PUBG Mobile after ban in India using existing account 100% Working. No VPN is required to play.

PUBG Ban in India :

PUBG Mobile Ban

After PUBG Mobile ban many PUBG Mobile players can't able to play every time favorite mobile game of all time. After Ban Game is removed from Google Play Store and App store. Here is the solution to install and play PUBG Mobile without losing old account.

Step 1: Download VPN App

Secure VPN Download

First you need to download a VPN App to open PUBG Mobile Website and get download link, We Recommend to use Secure VPN but you can use any VPN app.

Step 2: Connect to VPN

Secure VPN Connect

After downloading the VPN you need to connect any server except India.

Step 3: Open PUBG Mobile Website

PUBG Mobile Website

After connected to the VPN, open the official PUBG Mobile website US by clicking the link below.

Link : PUBG Mobile Global Website

Step 4: Download the APK

PUBG Mobile APK download

In the PUBG Mobile website you can see the APK Download option. You can download the 613.73 MB PUBG Mobile APK by clicking the link.

Step 5: Turn Off The VPN

Secure VPN Disconnect

After download started you can disconnect the VPN for better download speed.

Step 6: Install the APK

PUBG Mobile Install

After downloading the APK install it and open the game. You need to download additional files around 700MB in the game to go login page.

Step 7: Login With Your PUBG ID

PUBG Login page

You can login with your existing PUBG Mobile id. No need to create new id to play. Now you can play PUBG Mobile in India without any VPN. There is no high ping problem or any issues.

Note: If you get login error with your Mobile network try another Mobile network or WiFi to login(only for login).